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Eye Exam with a Calgary Optometrist

What To Expect at Your Eye Exam with a Calgary Optometrist

What should I expect to happen at an exam at a Calgary optometry clinic?


Expect your Calgary optometrist to ask questions about your medical history, from high blood pressure to diabetes to other health conditions that may affect your vision. Tell your doctor about any symptoms you have that concern you, from eye pressure to bulging eyes to recent head injuries. Also inform the doctor of any medications you are taking.


You’ll have a general exam to check your depth perception, color vision, overall vision and ability to read text up close. Your eyes may be dilated (enlarged) via eye drops so that the exam can be repeated; this can reveal minor defects in the lenses and other problems that don’t show up if your eyes aren’t dilated. If your eyes are dilated, expect to be moved to a waiting room for twenty to thirty minutes while the eyes dilate before being escorted back to the exam room. If your eyes are going to be dilated for the exam, you may want to have someone drive you back from the exam. Daytime driving with sunglasses may be an option, but night time driving is not, since your eyes could not adjust to the flash of headlights in your eyes in time to see the road well enough.

The eye doctor will use an opthalmascope to study the inside of your eye, looking for blood vessel damage due to conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The doctor may do a digital retinal exam to look for conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

At the End of the Exam

Your eye doctor will inform you of any changes in your vision, and the optometrist will give you a new lens prescription as appropriate. You may be given prescription eye drops to treat eye infections, dry eyes or other conditions. The optometrist may refer you to an ophthalmologist for surgery, whether you’re seeking laser eye surgery to eliminate the need for glasses, surgery to correct lazy eye, or a procedure to reduce the pressure in the eye to reduce the risk of vision deterioration and blindness.

After the Exam

After you’ve received the eyeglasses prescription or contact lenses prescription, you can speak with an optician at the Calgary optometry clinic to get fitted for eyeglasses from their existing inventory, choose frames there and order custom lenses to be made to specification, or visit a different shop to pick out eyeglasses and frames.

After the exam, you should schedule a follow up with the eye doctor. Anyone over sixty years old, suffering from diabetes or health conditions affecting their vision should see the eye doctor at least once a year. Adults between 18 and 60 should see an eye doctor at least every other year.